Do you need help with your English?

Would you like to communicate with other parents, teachers or the doorman?

Do you find speaking in English a challenge? At Culture and Language UK we teach practical English skills.

Easy phrases for stress free conversation!

Culture and Language UK has been developed from years of experience teaching English as a Foreign Language. Learning a new language can be scary so we want to make this blog as interesting and as practical as possible, so learning can be natural.

The lessons we offer are tailor made for the student. The lessons are for everyone and not only mothers. 

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  • We teach in the comfort of your own home, or socially distanced at a cafe.
  • Cambridge Assessment English, Teaching English Online trained teacher.
  • It’s never to early to learn English, children are welcome to join in classes.
  • We have years of experience of teaching children, from 2-16 years.
  • Does your child need a boost of confidence, or finds it difficult to express themselves in English?
We also teach in cafes and online. Socially distanced lessons.

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