London Fashion Week is one of the UK’s most glamorous events of the year. The London Fashion Week 2018, is showing collections for SS19 (Spring/Summer). It is organised by the British Fashion Council, and bloggers, press and fashion influencers will flock to the centre of the capital city to get the scoop on what everyone will be wearing next season.

Survival Guide:

1 Remember to eat and hydrate yourself to keep your energy up. Tearing yourself away from it all for lunch is difficult but important.

2 Keep dry, carry an umbrella, as London can be wet.

3 Make sure you have a comfy pair of shoes, there’s a lot of standing around and walking involved with attending LFW. Keep your stylish shoes in your bag until you need to show off if you’re lucky enough to attend any of the shows.

Language Tips

Glamorous- Having glamour.

Influencers- A person or thing that influences another.

Flock- A large number or crowd of people.

Scoop- A piece of news published by a newspaper or broadcast by a television or radio station in advance of its rivals.

Hydrate- Cause to absorb water.

Tearing yourself away- to persuade someone to leave with difficulty, or to find it difficult to leave.

Comfy- Informal for comfortable

Stylish- Fashionably elegant and sophisticated

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