Teacher! Teacher!

Teacher! Teacher!

What makes a good teacher? Especially a good teacher of languages? How does a student know when a teacher is doing his or her job well? These questions answered from the prospective of an English language teacher.

A language teacher must be somewhat of a psychologist, helping students to dissolve the memories of ‘boring English class’ and activate a new found desire to express themselves. A good teacher may be described as follows:

Takes time to explain the ins and outs of the language

Encourages and enthuses students

Appropriate learning materials for the level and needs of the students

Creates a lively atmosphere condusive to learning

Has a sense of humour

Empathizes with students

Reassesses teaching methods for optimal learning


Creative solutions

Finding new solutions to old problems is a key to creating ‘openness’ in the student. Discussing ways of tackling language ‘problems’, and finding new approaches to communication breakdowns created by language, should be part of lessons tailored to the needs of students.

A sense of humour

Encouraging a light-hearted approach to learning can certainly produce wonderful results, not only does the enjoyment create a natural motivating factor, but the information being learnt is associated with pleasure and not pain!

Summing up

A combined effort of both teacher and student is the ticket to success, so the message is find the glove that fits, if it doesn’t don’t give up, keeping trying!