Indian Lunch

Practice your English and learn about Indian UK culture.

Drummond Street in Euston is close to Euston Station, you wouldn’t know it was there. I recently discovered how authentic the food is in the vegetarian restaurants that line the street. I love Indian food and could eat the snack dishes such a Pani Poori everyday! Unfortunately that isn’t possible!

South Indian food

Masala Dosa’s are large pancakes made of lentil flour, with spicy potato fillings served with a coriander and coconut chutney and a tamarind sweet sauce. It has to be one of my favourite dishes!

Next door to the restaurants is a tightly packed grocery store selling a wide variety of Indian foods. I recently bought a delicious Indian tea made from Tulsi or Holy Basil, it is supposed to be very good for you!

Would you like to join me for lunch and grocery shopping? We meet at Euston Station and spend 2-2.5 hours having lunch and exploring the Indian grocery stores. This is an opportunity to practice social English and learn about our local cultures.

Please contact me for further details. Hope to see you soon!

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