Cultural Communication

When you first come to a new country it can be very shocking how different things are, this is called Culture Shock. It can take up to three months to get over this phase. It is really important, even when everything is so different to remember to have positive thoughts about where you are. Having a positive attitude could mean having a good time rather than a bad time!

Learning the language really helps to boost your confidence and gives you something to work towards. Having goals no matter how small really helps gives you confidence in yourself and your situation. Also attending a language lesson may be a way of getting to know new people who are in a similar situation to you. Getting to know your language teacher may also be really fun, offering ways to integrate better with the culture.

Finding ways to stay positive helps you to stay strong, having language skills also allows you to have a voice. Having a voice means you can express what you want and feel and let others know about you.

It may take courage but finding ways to help yourself in a new culture might be a real opportunity to enjoy life in a different way!