Lessons are a unique opportunity to help you speak better English.

  • Having a series of lessons gives structure to achieving your goals.
  • Regular attendance and committed focus will give the best results.
  • Self-study will compliment your weekly classes.
  • Homework is a good way to practice what you have learnt in your lesson.
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Individual Lessons

Individual lessons give full focus to your language needs:

  • Focus on speaking and pronunciation.
  • Cultural communication
  • Highlight strengths and weakness.
  • Grammar, reading comprehension, listening skills.

Please feel free to share your language needs, and we can make our lessons more personal.

Group Lessons

During a group lesson, there is plenty of opportunity to socially interact.

  • Speaking and role playing.
  • Interactive games and working together
  • Working together towards achieving goals.
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Be bold and let yourself be heard in English.
  • It is fun to share your experiences with other students.

Children’s Lessons

A young mind is very successful at learning languages.

  • Children as young as 2 years old can benefit from a language lesson.
  • Learn English songs and rhymes.
  • Playing games creates joy in the language learning experience.
  • Make a good first impressions of learning a language.
  • Building confidence early.
  • Achieve a long lasting positive relationship with English.

To dream of speaking English well, CAN become a reality. All you need is a little dedication and effort.

Polena Barbagallo