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Lessons are a unique opportunity to work towards a goal of language learning. To dream of speaking English well can become a reality, all it needs is a little dedication and effort. Having a series of lessons gives structure to achieving those goals. Regular attendance and committed focus will give the best results. Homework is provided as it is needed, and can take many different forms. Getting used to self-study will compliment your weekly classes.

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons give full focus to your language needs, highlighting where there are weakness and where there are strengths. English Language needs to be practiced and practiced again, so there will be plenty of focus on speaking and pronunciation. Grammar, reading comprehension, listening skills and general cultural communication are inclusive in most lessons. If and when you have specific language needs these can be incorporated into our lesson plans. Please feel free to share your language needs so we can best work towards addressing them in our lessons.

Group Lessons

During a group lesson, there is plenty of opportunity to socially interact, this gives the possibility for plenty of speaking and role playing. Interactive games and working together towards achieving goals gives extra motivation. Learning in a group incorporates listening and communication skills, which will give you the chance to be bold and let yourself be heard in English. Working together with other participants also allows you to work steadily towards improving your individual goals. It is fun to share your experiences with other students, and take courage from them.

Children’s Lessons

A young mind is very successful at learning languages.

Children as young as 2 years old can benefit from a language lesson. Hearing English songs, rhymes and playing games creates joy in the language learning experience. First impressions of learning a language are very important for future expression. Building confidence early on will help to achieve a long lasting positive relationship with the English Language.