EFM Tours- Queens Park Farmer’s Market

Queens Park Farmers Market

Visiting Queen’s Park Farmer’s market on a Sunday is a unique experience of London life.  The market offers a large selection of fresh produce, and getting to know about them is part of the tour. Many products are seasonal and so visiting the market all year round you will discover all that the UK can offer.

Enjoying a warming tea in a local gastro-pub afterwards, we discuss what we’ve bought and find out what we have discovered.


Fresh organic vegetables, meat, cheese, pasta, cakes and bread are just a few of the most popular stalls.

The market offers lots of different stalls for snacks and lunch, such as freshly oven baked pizzas, sausage rolls, hamburgers French cuisine and Chinese-dumplings to name a few.

Continental Tuna SaladHere is a salad I made at home, using some produce I bought from the market.

Tomatoes (home grown)

Lettuce (farmers market)


Cucumber (farmers market)

Sauerkraut-I always have a chat with my German friend at PaMA

Feta cheese

Spring onions (farmers market)

Add a lovely vinaigrette with raw apple cider vinegar, salt, ground pepper and extra virgin olive oil, and eat with toasted rye bread!