EFM Tours- Queens Park Farmer’s Market

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Queens Park Farmers Market

The farmers market in Queens Park, Salisbury School in Salisbury Road, offers a large selection of fresh produce.


Fresh organic vegetables, meat, cheese, pasta, cakes and bread are just a few of the most popular stalls.

The market offers lots of different stalls for snacks and lunch, such as freshly oven baked pizzas, sausage rolls, hamburgers French cuisine and Chinese-dumplings to name a few.

Continental Tuna SaladHere is a salad I made at home, using some produce I bought from the market.

Tomatoes (home grown)

Lettuce (farmers market)


Cucumber (farmers market)

Sauerkraut-I always have a chat with my German friend at PaMA

Feta cheese

Spring onions (farmers market)

Add a lovely vinaigrette with raw apple cider vinegar, salt, ground pepper and extra virgin olive oil, and eat with toasted rye bread!