School life can be very exciting for young children, but also very upsetting if your child does not like leaving you behind. It only gets easier as they get older, and they may not even remember to say goodbye! Getting to know other families at school can be a really good way to make the experience more enjoyable. You may find you have similar worries and wishes about your child or about the school. You may find many answers to all your questions by getting to know other parents and having a chat! Don’t be shy, even with a little English you can make friends!

Small talk Have you ever stood waiting for your child to go into class or to pick them up, with other parents, but you haven’t said a word to them? English language for small talk can be quite fun and easy. Just have a look at my helpful tips and links below to get you started.


  • How are you?
  • How is (child’s name) ?
  • Does she/he go to after school clubs?
  • What does she like to do after school?
  • How does she like her class?
  • Have you found a good swimming/football/ballet class?
  • Answers:
      • I am fine thank you, and you?
      • Her/his name is….
      • My son/daughter likes playing with your son/daughter.
      • Yes/no she does/doesn’t.
      • She likes to play in the park.
      • She really likes her class teacher.
      • Yes she loves her ballet class, the school is very good. I recommend it.
  • You can practice more online, try these beginner level exercises on the BBC Learning English website: BBC Learning English
  • Play dates It is very common that your children as they get older will enjoy spending time with the other children in their class after school. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a day and time to fit both families. There might be other things to ask about as well. Here are some language tips, and suggestions to help you out:
  • Inviting
      • Hi how are you?
      • My son/daughter likes playing with your son/daughter.
      • Would it be possible for them to play together after school?
      • Would you like to play in the park after school one day?
      • Would (child’s name) like to come to our house after school next week?
      • I am inviting some of (child’s name) class mates to our home after school on Tuesday next week, would (child’s name) like to come?
  • Replying
      • Hi I’m fine thanks.
      • Oh that’s great! Yes he/she talks about him/her all the time.
      • That would be great, he/she would love to.
      • Yes we’d love to what day would be good?
      • Oh I’m afraid she/he is busy on Mondays. He has Japanese language club after school.
  • The play date:
      • He/She would love to come on Tuesday, what time shall I pick him/her up?
      • Where do you live?
      • What’s your address?
      • Can I take your phone number please?
      • I am happy to take her home after school.
      • We live at (address)
      • My number is…..
      • 5.30pm would be fine to pick him/her up.
      • Does she like pasta?
      • Is she allergic to anything?
      • He/she is allergic to egg and fish.
      • She loves pasta and tomato sauce, but no cheese!