Food Shopping

Have you been to the market today?

Shopping at the market

At the greengrocer’s Stall Holder: Hello, how can I help you?
Customer: Hi, I would like some tomatoes, please.
Stall Holder: Ok, how many would you like ?
Customer: Not too many, six tomatoes are enough thanks.
Stall Holder: Alright, will that be all?
Customer: Yes! That’s all thanks. How much do I owe you?
Stall Holder: That’ll be £1.50, please.
Customer: Here you are. Goodbye!
Stall Holder: Thank you, goodbye!

At the fishmonger’s
Stall Holder: Who’s next?
Customer: Me please!
Stall Holder: How can I help you?
Customer: I would like some shrimps, please.
Stall Holder: Oh, we haven’t got any shrimps, they sold out this morning! Do you like prawns? They are very similar.
Customer: Oh no, I don’t like prawns. Don’t worry, goodbye!
Stall Holder: I’m sorry, goodbye!

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At the butcher’s Stall Holder: Oh, hello again! Will you have ham and sausages as usual?
Customer: Yes please, and I’d also like some burgers.
Stall Holder: OK, I haven’t got too many burgers left, how many do you need?
Customer: Four if you have them?.
Stall Holder: Yip you’re in luck. Is that everything?
Customer: Yes, that’s everything. How much is it please?
Stall Holder: Altogether that’ll be £8, please.
Customer: Here you are, see you next week!
Stall Holder: Thank you, see you!

  • General Expressions
  • How much does it cost please?
  • Where are they are from?
  • Where can I find……?
  • Do you sell…?
  • Can I try it?
  • Can I taste it first please?
  • Oh that’s lovely!
  • Please can I have one?
  • Can I have a plastic bag please?
  • Don’t worry I have my own bag.
  • How do I cook it?
  • Will you be here next week?
  • No thank you, it’s not what I am looking for right now.
  • Maybe next time.I’m just looking for now.
  • It looks lovely!