Allowing yourself to say it loud and proud takes practice. Having a good stock of phrases including; question forms, statements, small talk, idioms, metaphors is key to mastering spoken English.

Typical Question Forms:


  • What can I do at the park?”
  • “What is there to eat?”
  • “What is this made of?”


  • Why do I have to wait?”
  • “Why is it taking so long?”
  • “Why is the meal so expensive?”


  • “Where are the restrooms/bathrooms please?”
  • “Where can I find a pharmacy open at this time?”
  • “Where is the nearest hospital please?”


  • Who is in charge here please?”
  • “Who takes care of the hotel bookings?”
  • “Who is my guide please?”


  • “How can I get back to my hotel from here please?”
  • “How can I get to the museum please?”
  • “How can I pay please?”


  • When is the next ferry/train/bus please?”
  • “When is the ferry/train/bus leaving?”
  • “When should I meet you?”


  • How lovely!”
  • “What a beautiful view!”
  • “I hate this cold weather!”
  • “How nice of you!”
  • “You’re so kind!”
  • “Please stop that man, he’s stolen my bag!”

Small talk

  • “Hi! How are you doing?”
  • “The weather is lovely!”
  • “Have you seen the sign on the school gate?”
  • “I wonder what time the next bus will be?”
  • “Have you been to see the latest film at the local cinema?”
  • “Where have you been all this time? Nice to see you!”

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